What is Squirrel Stash? - A Message from Bryan

Squirrel Stash has always been a passion project of mine. I've envisioned a place where collectors and hobbyists could go to find unique, hard-to-find things you won't see anywhere else.

The Squirrel-Stash.com Market is the next logical step towards that end. Collectors in the oddities market have been using Facebook and eBay to buy and sell privately with other collectors, but both of those have their flaws. Selling in private Facebook groups is free, but inefficient; the platform wasn't designed with auctions in mind, and the reliability of notifications has been questionable for some time now. So many times have I heard of bidders who had no idea they were outbid. eBay solves that problem by giving email alerts and automating the auction process from start to finish, but the fees - and risk of scammers - can be dissuading for most sellers. This site is meant to be used in conjunction with those Facebook groups, not as a replacement for them; it is a venue specifically designed to handle our auctions more efficiently, and nothing more.

With the Squirrel-Stash.com Market I want to give our community a different option. The benefits of Facebook - knowing with whom we're dealing, especially - combined with the benefits of eBay, with none of the drawbacks. There are no fees, and since we don't process payments for sellers, we don't charge a "final valuation fee", either. And, as an added bonus, we don't plan to remove sold listings, either, so the community can have useful sales data at their fingertips.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always reach me at admin@squirrel-stash.com or by messaging the Squirrel Stash Facebook page.

If you're ready to sign up, let's get you started!